Thursday, June 10, 2010

Great (Jill) Scott! What a cli-Max(well)!

Alright, the title is a little cheesy, but the Jill Scott/Maxwell tour is satisfying the quality starved musical palette of fans state-wide:
Connection w/ audience>> PERFECT
Live instrumentation>>EXQUISITE
Showmanship>> CAPTIVATING
Overall Performance>> OFF THE GD PLANET!!

Those are descriptions of no surprise to true-to-heart J. Scott/Maxwell fans. If you have never witnessed either of the two live, you are missing out on an experience of a lifetime. Jill Scott stands with the poise of an Opera Diva as she performs. Pulling notes from the air, telling stories about emotions and happenings--you can almost see the words. Once accustomed to her ways, you know when she's in her zone; arms propped mid-air before her, elbows bent, hands moving in and out as if conducting an orchestra, or crocheting.

Now, Mr. (cli)Maxwell...this man paints the most beautiful portraits of Love, loss, and understanding. The lyrics are so poetic and meaningful. The's like being pulled in close by your hips, and having your man just lick your neck then softly bite your ear.  You can't help but notice that right pointer go (usually at his side) as if he's secretly writing out the words, or the way he cocks his head to the side when hitting a certain note...(OMG!) he is just sooo sexy, and funny too! I won't give away his little comments, but, they are truly for the grown and sexy (his body is on point. Those body huggin' Marvin Gaye(esque) suits make ya think and blush.)

All-in-all, this will be the concert of the year for true music lovers. Our lyrical thirst is quenched, and our souls full...ahhhh.


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