Sunday, October 24, 2010

Poetry Fix>>for those who need it.

Third and Fourth Eye Perception

A passionate kiss
A sensuous grind
Embed in the very recess of his mind
A valuable picture developed by time
Departure can never erase her

In her presence
He shutters
In her absence
Of their past encounters
Fade out the negative
Rewinding to--
Still warm film
Spread across her exposure
Focusing in on her expression
Which mirror her thoughts

Eyes of jade and Sepia
Reflect light like a prism
Oh god!
He loves to get lost within them
Permanent mood rings they are
Windows to her soul
What lay behind them
Seldom is told

If through the noon she slept
Missing the lulling sun
In a snap
He’d capture it
Suspending it’s setting in time
Preserving that moment
Until she awakens
Then present it to her
As he does with his heart

©Theresse Bynum 10/15/2010

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Poetry Fix>>For those who need it.

Hoodnight, my love>> Inspired by photographer Spoon G Shines photo.
by Theresse Bynum

Photo by: Spoon G. Shine
I never tire of you
Your projections hold life
Your walls conceal both
And Pain

Though many moons have phased
I recall the war paint sprayed against your ecto
Like Hieroglyphs
Layered upon you
Telling stories of young souls
Long gone
Battles won by Masters
Of ceremonies
Unknowns who never wanted
To be forgotten

I’ve gazed into the heavens atop you
Uttered my dreams amidst
Witnessed the birth of stars below
Who mention you once in a while

I find myself longing to see you
I know I can never stay
For you put me in a
Even in brightest of days

Though your study and strong on the outside
Your interior is gutted and weak
You would never be able to
Hold me
Too devoid of the things that I need

Please know I’ll love you always
My heart lives on the number of man
And until she moves on
The way I did
I’ll see you whenever
I can

©10/12/2010 Theresse A. Bynum

Saturday, October 9, 2010

An argument between intellectuals. He said, I said no it Isn't.

by Theresse Bynum

Ok. Had a dispute with a friend last night (who's probably going to say something about me posting...but) I do have a valid reason for doing so. We argued over the term "Baby mama". I find it demeaning. I feel it shows no sense of love for the mother. What's wrong with saying my daughter's/son's mother? "Baby daddy"? That paints a picture of some slave master pointing at the little "niggras", then to the Father he "mated" with the female slave and saying *heavy southern drawl* "that nigger there is the "baby daddy" she (female slave) be the "babymama". No (more) disrespect to anyone comfortable with the term. Got some thoughts about the term "Wifey" too...hmmm.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Poetry Fix: For those who need it.

A revelation from God
by Theresse Bynum

Inhailing words/

choosing wisely my verbal nutrient/

for what I take in/

becomes a part of me/


Inhailing him/

choosing wisely my mate/

for what I take in/

becomes a part of me

---Theresse A. Bynum

Friday, October 1, 2010

Too many young people dying...because they're gay.

by Theresse Bynum

It saddens me to see so many young people dying because of their gay lifestyle. In whose name is this non-sense committed?-- Not God. He sent his son to handle that yeeears ago. So, no man has a right to beat anyone, jesus has already been beaten and broken for ALL. Any changes to be made in our lives is between God and ourselves (for those who believe or want change), So, If you disagree, that's fine, there's no need for disrespect. Love your family and friends and en...enem...enemies (Whoo!).

[SN: If your gonna pray for someone to change; make sure your not: Fornicating (which is RAMPID in the church), "Shackin' aka co-habitating" (also rampid), Stealing (even from gov. "render to ceasar..") Not tithing (DAMN! all he said was 10%), Looking and talking to people like they're poopie (sin has no size variation, tis what it is) etc, etc.

Let these babies live. You/We don't know what the Lord will do with them later. So, let them find out

Poetry Fix: For those who need it.

My Final Masterpiece
by Theresse Bynum on Friday, October 1, 2010 at 8:03am

My Final Masterpiece

Forever my morning blue
The Raphael in frame
Infinite telepathic strokes make you immortal to me

So easy to Hate
Too loved to despise—for one IS more intense than the other

So easy to Love
Inhaled, dispersed within me
I now am Transfused
For to rid myself of you takes bleeding—emotionally
Though tears will flow

Full of vibrant color you are
Too confusing for most
Including myself—still…I wanted you
Hence, my love for abstract

Jean-Michel Basquiat
--Mon art complique
Vous avez mon coeur

My Final Masterpiece…
There will never be another like you

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

I needed to cry, but...

Today I walked ahead of my children, so they wouldn't see me crying. It's funny how we want our kids to learn the lessons of life and love...but try so hard to protect them from it. This afternoon I sent my children to their rooms, "I need to focus on my work" I said. Actually, I didn't want them to see what it looks like to die inside. It makes your nose run and your eyes red...not a pretty sight. All these little arms to hold me, and still I'm tortured at the fact that someone could so easily walk away--leaving me lonely...then take all the love I gave...and give it to someone else. This evening, I sent my children to bed a little earlier than usual. I needed to cry, but...I couldn't...Until I started typing this...

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Short Shorts: Very short stories.

Two Characters>>Very short story about letting go
by Theresse Bynum

“One more hour to go.” Raymond thought to himself, as he fingered through the files on his desk.
Child Psychology isn’t the most fun career but “It has it’s rewards”, as he likes to say. Midway the files, he’d noticed a familiar name; Klepter, Daniel. “Daniel Klepter?” he called into the waiting room. A gelatinous looking little boy, possibly of nine years, stood from his seat and wobbled towards the office. It was as though Raymond was looking back into time. The boy clenched something tightly in his hand, mom followed.
“How are you ma’am?” Raymond extends his hand. “I’m Raymond Azul, I will be talking with your son shortly to get to know him better. Is there anything you would like for me to address?”
She shakes his hand then takes a seat next to her son at the desk. As soon as mom began to speak, Raymonds’ attention was diverted to the object in the boys hand. He looked at the boys face, which appeared calm as he fumbled with the object. He watched carefully as Daniel began a back and forth motion rubbing his palms together. Raymond noticed it was a car. A rare, blue, 1960 “T” model car, no longer available. Raymond sat back in his seat and kept himself from getting emotional. Focused on the car, he whispered, “Mom? Would you mind if I spoke to Daniel alone?”, unaware that she was still talking, he was whispering, and he’d called her “mom“. “That’s what I just asked you.” she chucked, to hide her slight annoyance. She kissed Daniel on the forehead, and told him she’d be right outside; as if he didn’t just hear their conversation.
Sooo, D.”
“That‘s not my name.” he answered, keeping his head down.
Ok…Daniel.” He opens his folder. “These papers tell me a little bit about you, but, I’d rather let you tell me about yourself.” No response. He gives the boy time then says, “Then again, talking can be overrated.” He closes the folder, and places it back into the small pile of files.
“You mind if I take a look at that?”
No response. “That, in your hand.”
“See?” Daniel held up the car without lifting his head.
“I mean, can I hold it?”
“Why not?
No response. “I heard you used to do well in school. You sound like a very smart kid. Do you take your toy to school? Hmm? You know, there comes a time for us to grow. Your becoming a man now, and as we grow, we have to let go of…things.”
“I used to have a car like that when I was around your age. I…lost…it. My father gave it to me because he used to sell cars and I would always say I wanted a fast car like that one.” he said pointing over to nothing. In his mind, Ray was standing in his fathers car lot, looking at the black “T” car. “He gave me a blue one because that’s what my last name means in Spanish. Azul means blue. It was like he was giving me a part of himself, so he put something...well, anyway. One day I was with some friends playing in the park and an older boy came and asked to hold it. I said no, but he…” Raymond paused and stared into nothingness. “Well, Enough about me.” He reached behind his chair, and takes a model car off the window sill. Daniel lifts his eyes, then slightly lifts his head to see what Raymond was doing. Slowly he turns around and places the car on the desk. It was big and shinny, Daniel thought.
"The top goes back. I’ll let you hold it, but, only for a seconds, ok?”
Daniel nodded. As he placed the blue car on the desk, Raymond had the urge to snatch it, but instead assured he wouldn’t break it. As he reached for the car a feeling began to squeeze his chest. As he picked it up and brought it to himself, he couldn’t wait to flip it over. Sure enough, there was the “R” his father, Ray Sr., had carved into the metal at the bottom, the afternoon he’d given it to him. His eye’s began to sting. He squeezed it in the palms of his hands, as if to feel his dad once again. He placed his hands near his face trying to sneak a touch on the cheek. He succeeded. In that moment lil ray felt the same way he did thirty years ago.
A soft thud brings him back. As he opened his eyes, he noticed the car on the table and Daniel staring at him, “I want my car back.”
‘It’s not yours’, Raymond wanted to say. ‘your father stole it’.
“Daniel. It was really big of you to let go for a while. I bet it was hard.”
“Well, you know, you can probably get a little money for that old thing. It would be another big step, especially for mom. Since it was so easy, I’ll take it off your hands.”
“I want my car back, and I’m not selling it.”
“Well, how about…”
“My father gave it to me!”
Ok. I understand. I’m sure he will be proud of you if you…”
“He’s dead…it’s all I have left of him.” Daniel stood up and stormed out of the room.
Raymond stood silent. Suddenly, what he wanted didn’t matter anymore. In that moment, lil Ray did something that his mother told him to do years ago; he let go of…things.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Poetry Fix: For those who need it.

Before this Morning (response to M. rarepoetiks J, "This Morning")
by Theresse Bynum on Thursday, August 26, 2010 at 11:53pm

I thought of you last night
Wondered if you’d be there waiting for me
We used to rise together
You’d whisper the second name God bestowed me--Dawn
And say I’m “beautiful”…staring
You would drink something from the vessel in your hand
Then smile as though it was good
I blew breath into your face
with arms spread wide you’d except
Inhaling my life

But, today
There was no you
My emotions were wisped across the sky
Your favorite color included
Still you did not notice me
I questioned the night-bird
It said you were wrapped in the arms of Eve
Gazing at her stars
Telling of your sorrows
By the time I'd arrived
You were weary, and I… forgotten
But that’s ok
I’ll see you again when I rise
And you will notice me.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Unrequited Love …In Music

Why does it take sooo long for great artist to earn their just do? There are artist out these days that I either stumbled across, became acquainted with through six degrees of separation (w/ other artist), or like the artist J*Davey, got yoked up by their sound through online radio। But what about those who aren’t online (it’s possible)? We miss out on such greatness until we can afford such luxuries as internet. Then when we start talking about “this new artist!” with co-workers or friends, they look at us like where the hell you been.

I think a good example of what I’m saying is Maxwell…FINALLY WINNING A GRAMMY! Sure better late than never (so they say), but with all the Love these artist put into their music, shouldn’t that same love be returned? You may think I’m rambling on, but I am actually going to place some videos and info about artist I feel aren’t where they should be. It may not make a big change, but a pebble can start a large ripple.

First up: J*Davey

I must admit I didn’t like (what I thought was a guy ft. a female singer) J*Davey when I first heard her. It was very space age, acid sounding, on and off beat at the same time…basically all the things I love about the sound--now. With a diverse array of influences, the eclectic twosome J*Davey — female vocalist Jack Davey (Brianna Cartwright) and producer Brook D’Leau —have conjured up a sound that cannot be defined in my opinion, but I will be listening.

"Mr. Mister"

Next: Ledisi

Ledisi Anibade Young (pronounced /ˈlɛdɨsiː/) is a R&B singer-songwriter from New Orleans. Her first name means "to bring forth" or "to come here" in Yoruba. Ledisi grew up in a musical family. Her mother sang in a Louisiana R&B band and her stepfather, Joseph Pierce III,(deceased) was a drummer in the New Orleans area. Ledisi first began performing publicly at age eight with the New Orleans Symphony Orchestra. She moved to Oakland, California, where she was nominated for a Shellie award in 1990 for her performance in a production of The Wiz and performed in an extended run with the San Francisco cabaret troupe, Beach Blanket Babylon. She studied opera and piano for five years at University of California Berkeley in their Young Musicians Program.
Ledisi is known for her jazz influenced vocals, yet her stage presence is also on point. Her new project Turn Me Loose, is in stores now.

"Take Time" (excellent performance)

Next up: Georgia Anne Muldrow

Georgia Anne Muldrow is an American singer and musician signed to Stones Throw Records. She is the first female artist signed to the label and seems to be a close friend of fellow label artist Dudley Perkins. Her father is the late jazz guitarist Ronald Muldrow and her mother is Rickie Byars-Beckwith, Musical director of Agape Spiritual Center in Culver City, CA. Her early work involved collaborations with the Platinum Pied Pipers, Sa-Ra, and J*DaVeY. She is known for playing the majority of instruments featured on her recordings. Her vocal style and musical accompaniment are often considered free-form in nature.

"Lovelight" (music only)

Next: Eric Roberson

Eric Roberson is an R&B and soul singer-songwriter from Rahway, New Jersey. He is sometimes referred to simply as Erro.
His first single, "The Moon", was released through Warner Bros. records in 1994. Roberson recorded an album for that label, which remained unreleased. He subsequently returned to Howard University to complete his studies in Musical Theatre. After performing in a number of musicals and plays, he landed a songwriting deal through the EMI label, and went on to collaborate with Philadelphia-based artists such as Jill Scott, Musiq Soulchild, and most extensively, DJ Jazzy Jeff.

"If I Had a Chance"

Next: Platinum Pied Pipers

Platinum Pied Pipers--Waajeed (Robert O'Bryant), and multi-instrumentalist Saadiq (Darnell Bolden, not to be confused with Raphael Saadiq). Their music usually features a rotating and varied array of artists. The two met through rapper Baatin in 1992. Sometime in 2000, they decided to form a duo and began releasing 12"s and mixtapes. It was their collaboration with Dwele in 2003, however, called "Ridin' High" which caught the ears of music listeners, and set the stage for a full-length album. The pair have a rather distinctive mixture of sounds as, although Waajeed is primarily a hip hop producer, Saadiq is a protégé of Motown producer Barrett Strong, making for a finely tuned middle ground. As stated in interviews, the name "Platinum Pied Pipers" was chosen at random and has no connection to the Pied Piper folk tale.

{I couldn't find a link}

Last(but not least):Emily King

The first time I heart Walk In My Shoes, it was like taking a deep breath after holding it for a long period of time. Michael Baisden (excellent for introducing new talent) played her on the regular, but it wasn’t until I heard more of her East Side Story release; the Grammy Award-nominated debut studio album. The album was released in the United States on August 28, 2007. Five of the songs included on the album are from her 2006 EP "East Side Story Sampler", the sampler was given away to audience members at various tours and appearances which gained hype and paved way for the album.


Some of these artist may be content with the pace of their careers, and my idea of recognition for them may appear a bit Microwave; but, though I understand all good things come in time--like a fine wine--some things are forgotten if left stagnant for too long, I.e. Tevin Campbell.

In conclusion, I have a question (that sounds wrong, somehow)…Is it better for a performer to rise to the top slowly or gain notoriety as quickly as it comes and risk burnout? Leave a comment.

Monday, June 14, 2010

Who Is Tionna Smalls?

Have you ever met someone for the first time, who, out of nowhere began to tell you what you needed to do to improve yourself? Your first reaction is to get defensive, but, you can't because there is something sincere about what they're telling you. Though it may not be accurate, that was my first impression of Miss Tionna Smalls.

Some of you may ask "who is Tionna Smalls?" Many of you (especially bloggers) are very acquainted with Miss. Tionna--through her work with the Gawker weblog magazine, (invited readers only), her self-published book Girl, Get Your Mind Right! (which will be re-released), or for reality show fanatics What Chilli Wants; which introduced Tionna Smalls to a whole new larger audience.

Though not an actual "Match-Maker", her professionalism, expertise and experience in relationships proved an asset in that position. Her pull-no-punches get-the-job-done personality was not only entertaining, but helped her complete her task with success.
What's in the future? From what I hear; continued work in the non-profit field. I hope this sexy BBW will consider modeling as part of her repertoire. Her confidence will influence may women--young and younger (your only as OLD as you feel). Until then-- hate her, love her, love to hate her, hate to love her, whichever, Miss Tionna Smalls is making moves and we are watching.
Gotta Love It!!

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Great (Jill) Scott! What a cli-Max(well)!

Alright, the title is a little cheesy, but the Jill Scott/Maxwell tour is satisfying the quality starved musical palette of fans state-wide:
Connection w/ audience>> PERFECT
Live instrumentation>>EXQUISITE
Showmanship>> CAPTIVATING
Overall Performance>> OFF THE GD PLANET!!

Those are descriptions of no surprise to true-to-heart J. Scott/Maxwell fans. If you have never witnessed either of the two live, you are missing out on an experience of a lifetime. Jill Scott stands with the poise of an Opera Diva as she performs. Pulling notes from the air, telling stories about emotions and happenings--you can almost see the words. Once accustomed to her ways, you know when she's in her zone; arms propped mid-air before her, elbows bent, hands moving in and out as if conducting an orchestra, or crocheting.

Now, Mr. (cli)Maxwell...this man paints the most beautiful portraits of Love, loss, and understanding. The lyrics are so poetic and meaningful. The's like being pulled in close by your hips, and having your man just lick your neck then softly bite your ear.  You can't help but notice that right pointer go (usually at his side) as if he's secretly writing out the words, or the way he cocks his head to the side when hitting a certain note...(OMG!) he is just sooo sexy, and funny too! I won't give away his little comments, but, they are truly for the grown and sexy (his body is on point. Those body huggin' Marvin Gaye(esque) suits make ya think and blush.)

All-in-all, this will be the concert of the year for true music lovers. Our lyrical thirst is quenched, and our souls full...ahhhh.