Sunday, October 24, 2010

Poetry Fix>>for those who need it.

Third and Fourth Eye Perception

A passionate kiss
A sensuous grind
Embed in the very recess of his mind
A valuable picture developed by time
Departure can never erase her

In her presence
He shutters
In her absence
Of their past encounters
Fade out the negative
Rewinding to--
Still warm film
Spread across her exposure
Focusing in on her expression
Which mirror her thoughts

Eyes of jade and Sepia
Reflect light like a prism
Oh god!
He loves to get lost within them
Permanent mood rings they are
Windows to her soul
What lay behind them
Seldom is told

If through the noon she slept
Missing the lulling sun
In a snap
He’d capture it
Suspending it’s setting in time
Preserving that moment
Until she awakens
Then present it to her
As he does with his heart

©Theresse Bynum 10/15/2010

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Poetry Fix>>For those who need it.

Hoodnight, my love>> Inspired by photographer Spoon G Shines photo.
by Theresse Bynum

Photo by: Spoon G. Shine
I never tire of you
Your projections hold life
Your walls conceal both
And Pain

Though many moons have phased
I recall the war paint sprayed against your ecto
Like Hieroglyphs
Layered upon you
Telling stories of young souls
Long gone
Battles won by Masters
Of ceremonies
Unknowns who never wanted
To be forgotten

I’ve gazed into the heavens atop you
Uttered my dreams amidst
Witnessed the birth of stars below
Who mention you once in a while

I find myself longing to see you
I know I can never stay
For you put me in a
Even in brightest of days

Though your study and strong on the outside
Your interior is gutted and weak
You would never be able to
Hold me
Too devoid of the things that I need

Please know I’ll love you always
My heart lives on the number of man
And until she moves on
The way I did
I’ll see you whenever
I can

©10/12/2010 Theresse A. Bynum

Saturday, October 9, 2010

An argument between intellectuals. He said, I said no it Isn't.

by Theresse Bynum

Ok. Had a dispute with a friend last night (who's probably going to say something about me posting...but) I do have a valid reason for doing so. We argued over the term "Baby mama". I find it demeaning. I feel it shows no sense of love for the mother. What's wrong with saying my daughter's/son's mother? "Baby daddy"? That paints a picture of some slave master pointing at the little "niggras", then to the Father he "mated" with the female slave and saying *heavy southern drawl* "that nigger there is the "baby daddy" she (female slave) be the "babymama". No (more) disrespect to anyone comfortable with the term. Got some thoughts about the term "Wifey" too...hmmm.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Poetry Fix: For those who need it.

A revelation from God
by Theresse Bynum

Inhailing words/

choosing wisely my verbal nutrient/

for what I take in/

becomes a part of me/


Inhailing him/

choosing wisely my mate/

for what I take in/

becomes a part of me

---Theresse A. Bynum

Friday, October 1, 2010

Too many young people dying...because they're gay.

by Theresse Bynum

It saddens me to see so many young people dying because of their gay lifestyle. In whose name is this non-sense committed?-- Not God. He sent his son to handle that yeeears ago. So, no man has a right to beat anyone, jesus has already been beaten and broken for ALL. Any changes to be made in our lives is between God and ourselves (for those who believe or want change), So, If you disagree, that's fine, there's no need for disrespect. Love your family and friends and en...enem...enemies (Whoo!).

[SN: If your gonna pray for someone to change; make sure your not: Fornicating (which is RAMPID in the church), "Shackin' aka co-habitating" (also rampid), Stealing (even from gov. "render to ceasar..") Not tithing (DAMN! all he said was 10%), Looking and talking to people like they're poopie (sin has no size variation, tis what it is) etc, etc.

Let these babies live. You/We don't know what the Lord will do with them later. So, let them find out

Poetry Fix: For those who need it.

My Final Masterpiece
by Theresse Bynum on Friday, October 1, 2010 at 8:03am

My Final Masterpiece

Forever my morning blue
The Raphael in frame
Infinite telepathic strokes make you immortal to me

So easy to Hate
Too loved to despise—for one IS more intense than the other

So easy to Love
Inhaled, dispersed within me
I now am Transfused
For to rid myself of you takes bleeding—emotionally
Though tears will flow

Full of vibrant color you are
Too confusing for most
Including myself—still…I wanted you
Hence, my love for abstract

Jean-Michel Basquiat
--Mon art complique
Vous avez mon coeur

My Final Masterpiece…
There will never be another like you