Sunday, March 13, 2011

Poetry Fix (for those who need it.)

Mama Mzazi [Mother who produces offspring]

It was not long ago I held little hands, and taught him to walk
Cupped his face and corrected his dialect.
He’d look up at me and show little white teeth
Then repeat
What mama just told him.

~I placed that memory in my heart~

The sun would awaken to
And kiss his skin
All day…as he played
With sticks
And rocks
Clay stuffed bottle tops…
A ball I’d gotten…

~I placed that memory in my heart~

One day, strangers came
Though we all looked the same
Shots rang
I grabbed my joy
And held him tight
A man and I began to fight
Then he stole my joy from me

~I placed that memory in my heart~

He gave my baby a rifle
And shoved him to take aim
The hurt and fear within his eye
Has riddled me with pain
But I know if he won’t do as he’s told
They’ll just as quickly free his soul
I nod and close my eyes
He does the same
Lifts his rifle…then takes aim
Releasing one where I placed his memories

……They disperse……

Theresse A. Bynum 2/17/2011

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