Friday, October 1, 2010

Too many young people dying...because they're gay.

by Theresse Bynum

It saddens me to see so many young people dying because of their gay lifestyle. In whose name is this non-sense committed?-- Not God. He sent his son to handle that yeeears ago. So, no man has a right to beat anyone, jesus has already been beaten and broken for ALL. Any changes to be made in our lives is between God and ourselves (for those who believe or want change), So, If you disagree, that's fine, there's no need for disrespect. Love your family and friends and en...enem...enemies (Whoo!).

[SN: If your gonna pray for someone to change; make sure your not: Fornicating (which is RAMPID in the church), "Shackin' aka co-habitating" (also rampid), Stealing (even from gov. "render to ceasar..") Not tithing (DAMN! all he said was 10%), Looking and talking to people like they're poopie (sin has no size variation, tis what it is) etc, etc.

Let these babies live. You/We don't know what the Lord will do with them later. So, let them find out

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