Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Poetry Fix>>For those who need it.

Hoodnight, my love>> Inspired by photographer Spoon G Shines photo.
by Theresse Bynum

Photo by: Spoon G. Shine
I never tire of you
Your projections hold life
Your walls conceal both
And Pain

Though many moons have phased
I recall the war paint sprayed against your ecto
Like Hieroglyphs
Layered upon you
Telling stories of young souls
Long gone
Battles won by Masters
Of ceremonies
Unknowns who never wanted
To be forgotten

I’ve gazed into the heavens atop you
Uttered my dreams amidst
Witnessed the birth of stars below
Who mention you once in a while

I find myself longing to see you
I know I can never stay
For you put me in a
Even in brightest of days

Though your study and strong on the outside
Your interior is gutted and weak
You would never be able to
Hold me
Too devoid of the things that I need

Please know I’ll love you always
My heart lives on the number of man
And until she moves on
The way I did
I’ll see you whenever
I can

©10/12/2010 Theresse A. Bynum


  1. It's really good to see you adding stuff here, and I loved this poem when i read it the first time...excellent piece