Sunday, October 24, 2010

Poetry Fix>>for those who need it.

Third and Fourth Eye Perception

A passionate kiss
A sensuous grind
Embed in the very recess of his mind
A valuable picture developed by time
Departure can never erase her

In her presence
He shutters
In her absence
Of their past encounters
Fade out the negative
Rewinding to--
Still warm film
Spread across her exposure
Focusing in on her expression
Which mirror her thoughts

Eyes of jade and Sepia
Reflect light like a prism
Oh god!
He loves to get lost within them
Permanent mood rings they are
Windows to her soul
What lay behind them
Seldom is told

If through the noon she slept
Missing the lulling sun
In a snap
He’d capture it
Suspending it’s setting in time
Preserving that moment
Until she awakens
Then present it to her
As he does with his heart

©Theresse Bynum 10/15/2010

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