Saturday, October 9, 2010

An argument between intellectuals. He said, I said no it Isn't.

by Theresse Bynum

Ok. Had a dispute with a friend last night (who's probably going to say something about me posting...but) I do have a valid reason for doing so. We argued over the term "Baby mama". I find it demeaning. I feel it shows no sense of love for the mother. What's wrong with saying my daughter's/son's mother? "Baby daddy"? That paints a picture of some slave master pointing at the little "niggras", then to the Father he "mated" with the female slave and saying *heavy southern drawl* "that nigger there is the "baby daddy" she (female slave) be the "babymama". No (more) disrespect to anyone comfortable with the term. Got some thoughts about the term "Wifey" too...hmmm.

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